Resume and Skills


“Dummy Lab” For Base-Berlin and Chamaeleon Theatre

(Berlin Feb 2015- August 2015)

Cellist (loop station soloist) and composer


“Faites La Place” for Trafic de Styles (Contemporary Hip hop) Jan – Nov 2014

(Premier Paris, November 2014)

Musical Director/Composer/Recording artist: Piano, cello, electronica, orchestration

– “Fusing contemporary classical with trip-hop and hip hop elements. The violoncelle meets sound scape and the piano plays the tune of the poetic clown.”


“ Soiling Eve” for choreographer Chris Rudd (New York) with The Peter London Global Dance Theatre (June 2014)



”Enveloppes Timbrées” for Trafic de Styles (Paris) March -December 2012

Musical Director/Composer/Recording artist: Piano, cello, electronica

– Contemporary hip-hop which explores the gestural language of being trapped in our skin.



“Dummy the Show” (Circus) for BASE BERLIN (Berlin) 2010- 2012

GOP Cabaret (Munich, Munster, Bad Oeynhausen, Essen, Hannover)

Solo Performance Cellist – live loop station and live on top of playback, composer

– A central character who uses music to bring soul to lifeless bodies. Collaborating with Bungee straps, Tissu, Flexible pole, foot juggling, handstands, acrobatic crutches and puppet aerial.


“Urbanatix – Spinning around” (Bochum, Germany) 2010

– Central character Cellist



An Interdisciplinary collaborative (live music, dance, contemporary circus and live visual arts)


Founder/ performance musician- loop station, live over playback/vocalist/composer/

theatre – movement based instrumentalist, keyboardist, cellist


– Collaboration with aerial straps, dance, movement as a musician, crutches, handstands, tissue and other aerial.


“In Search of Light”

2014 Bagni Di Lucca Arts Festival

2013 Blaue Kei Theatre, Veghel, Netherlands

2010 Edinburgh Fringe festival

2010 Villa San Rocco, Tuscany, Italy : creative research residency


“Bob” August 2012 (Potsdam Fabrik, Germany)

Perfomance and creation as Artists-In-Residence


“Lines” Oct – Dec 2010 (Potsdam Fabrik/Base-Berlin)

Performance and creation of “Lines” as Artists-in Residence


“La chanson de Tessa” 2011 (Paris) – commissioned composition for choreographer Matthieu Pomarel



for solo cello and aerial straps created with James Kingsford-Smith 2010-11 (Eindhoven, Netherlands)

Eindhoven International Wintercircus , Park Theatre.


“The Glass Menagerie”

for solo cello and crutches-dance created with James Kingsford-Smith July 2010

Presented at Micradanses, Paris


Recording Artist


Cello for Electro producer Reecode (Berlin)


Cello for trip-hop producer Jacob Cartwright (Australia/Italy)


With Bicycle I Ride Documentary OST 2014, (Mongolia/United Kingdom); cello


Lunik Documentary OST (Italy ) 2010; cello


Curse Ov Dialect – experimental hip-hop – gigs and recording

Kind Lions – experimental funk/ electronic, improvised strings

Eliza Davidson – original, session artist

Clann Zu – Strings, session artist

North Mebourne Dance House – strings, session artist


Sound and Website links


Video Links


Cello demo :


Performances with circus

–                 aerial hoop:

–                 straps:

–                 crutches and dance:

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  1. Natalya

    Hi Lih,

    I really admire your work I was just wondering if you happen to know any accessories makers like handbags and related as well as theatrical shoemakers in london.

    Thank you very much in advance.

    All the best,


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