Composer and performer for the newly commissioned piece “UNDA” choreographed by Joy Alpuerto Ritter for the Viviana Durante company as part of the triple bill evening “Isadora Now”

A remarkable evening of performance paying tribute to the American dancer Isadora Duncan, a timeless feminist icon who made work that enabled women to express themselves physically on their own terms. Presented at the Barbican Theatre, London 21 February- 29 February 2020

Credits: Composer, live musician

Credit: Christina Cecchini and Joy Alpuerto Ritter in Isadora Now: Triple Bill © David Scheinmann

“Loss” Opera excerpt

“Loss” Klavier soundscape

Final drums and orchestral section


for Cia Omkara

Credits: Composer, music producer, story teller, live musician


for BaseBerlin

Credits: Co-composer, live musician

Live cello set