About me

Lih Qun is a composer, electronic producer and musician. She explores the full percussive and lyrical range of the cello, drawing on sound effect worlds created through electronic production and vocal textures, her sets travel through complex aural-hallucinatory worlds of intricately shifting landscapes. A composer for theatre, contemporary dance and circus, she uses cinematic orchestration, opera, dystopian electronic beats, story telling and soundscape to create narratives.

A classically trained musician for over 30 years, and a composer and producer for the last 10, Lih Qun works with a large palette that shifts effortlessly between cinematic modern classical, sonic environment and electronica. She has an implicit understanding of how to mix genres and unusual instrumentations to create a dynamic yet very human and touching soundtrack. 



as Featured artist /studio musician/recording artist collaborator/arrangements :

“Ophio” Die Wilde Jagd (Bureau B)

“Tyrants” Raz O’hara (Denature)

“Goodbye to the Jungle” and “Trippin” Phillip Johannes Thimm ( music video)

“Myopia tour live EP” Agnes Obel (Deutsche Grammaphone)

“42” LIHLA (TBC)



Die Wilde Jagd (NL, Oslo, Zürich, DE, IT)

Raz O’hara ( DE, SP)


World Tour “Myopia” with Agnes Obel (Deutsche Grammaphone): Europe, UK, Australia

Die Wilde Jagd (NL DE)

Frederico Albanese ( DE, UK)


Roadburn Redux festival

for Die Wilde Jagd

“Haut” (album performance)

“Atem” (new commission for Roadburn Redux) ( LP Bureau B 2022)

Composer and solo artist work


Deutsche Theater ” URSONATE” von Kurt Schwitters

Shakandi” composition commission for Joy Alpuerto Ritter as part of Akram Khan Company in collaboration with Malta dance school

UNDA” DanceInversion Festival (Moscow, Stanislavsky Theatre) for Joy Alpuerto Ritter and Vivianna Durante


“Rage” short film composition for choreographer Joy Alpuerto Ritter for Ballet Black (London)

VACIO” for Cia Omkara (Berlin) (Composer, performer)

La Tabula Rosa” Düsseldorf Arts Festival (Production: URBANATIX)

Artist-in-residence “CAN 7” Formentera (Spain) with Raz O’hara

Ibiza Concert Tour with Raz O’hara (venues: La Granja, Sabine, CAN 7, The Beach House)

UNDA” Isadora Now (London, Barbican Theatre ) Feb 21-29
(Choreographer Joy Alpuerto Ritter) produced by the Viviana Durante Company (Composer, performer)


“Hoy er Wer da ?” Hoyerswerda KUFA Tanz Project (Composer, performer)

Gefördet durch die Bundesanstalt für Landwirtschaft und Ernährung und die Lausitzer Seenlandstiftung

Vacio” for Cia Omkara (English Theatre Berlin) (Composer, performer)

La Granja, Ibiza 2019 (with Raz O’hara)

NAS festival, Berlin 2019 (solo and with Raz O’hara)

Sisyphos, Berlin 2019 (with Raz O’hara)

“Dummylab” (Base-Berlin) Hannover GOP (Composer/performer)


“DUMMY” (Base-Berlin) (2018) München GOP

“URBANTIX- Grooftop” (2018) Wolfsburg Festival


VACIO”  OMKARA productions (2018) Barcelona, Berlin, Prague

Cellist /producer/ co-composer

Dolores (Schmerz)” Hong Thai Nguyen (2018)  (Theatre der Jugend Welt) Leipzig



“Urbanatix – Grooftop ” (2017) Jahrhunderthalle, Bochum


“Das SMACC” (2017) Berlin


“Body Poems” (2017) New Zealand

“2005” Cie Clone; Toulouse, Paris (2016) (theatre)



“Hysteria” Berlin (2016) (short film independent)

Composer, actor

“Body Poems” (2016) (Berlin, SE Asia, Middle east, Australasia)

Cellist, composer

“Dynamic Huangshan” for choreographer Yan Li Ping. Huang Shan, China (2016) (circus/theatre)

Composer, Musical Director

“EXIT” (Germany/Canada) (Short Film independent)



“Dummy Lab” Chamäleon Theatre; Berlin (2015) (circus/theatre)

Composer, Cellist

“Faites La Place” Trafic de Styles; Paris (2014) (Dance Theatre

Musical Director/Composer

“ Soiling Eve” for choreographer Chris Rudd with The Peter London Global Dance Theatre; New York (2014)


”Enveloppes Timbrées” Trafic de Styles; Paris (2012)

Musical Director/Composer

“Dummy” Base Berlin; Berlin (2010- 2012)

Composer, performer

BOB Collective – resident composer

“In Search of Light”

2014 Bagni Di Lucca Arts Festival

2013 Blaue Kei Theatre, Veghel, Netherlands

2010 Edinburgh Fringe festival

2010 Villa San Rocco, Tuscany, Italy : creative research residency

“Bob” August 2012 (Potsdam Fabrik, Germany)

Perfomance and creation as Artists-In-Residence

“Lines” Oct – Dec 2010 (Potsdam Fabrik/Base-Berlin)

Performance and creation of “Lines” as Artists-in Residence

“Benabbio” (2010-11) (Eindhoven, Netherlands)

Eindhoven International Wintercircus , Park Theatre.

“The Glass Menagerie” (2010) Micradanses, Paris, France.