Lihla is a multifaceted and enigmatic artist whose creative prowess encompasses music, composition, and electronic production. With a classical foundation and a decade of experience crafting compositions for performance theatre and contemporary dance, Lihla embarks on sonic explorations that defy boundaries. At the core of Lihla’s artistic expression lies her mastery of the cello, which she elevates to new heights through the art of live looping. With this innovative technique, she constructs mesmerizing electronic soundscapes, blending rhythmic pulses and a psychedelic kaleidoscope of tones. Her vocal range adds another dimension to her sonic tapestries; her range shifts and blends operatic tones, ethereal art pop, avante-garde asiatic folk with vocal percussion. Her artistry is a testament to the power of sound and its ability to transport and transform.

Collaborating with esteemed artists including Agnes Obel, Raz O’hara, and Die Wilde Jagd, Lihla has contributed her talents to stages all over the world and has collaborated with their recording albums.

Driven by a profound exploration of femininity, diasporia, and the importance of storytelling and forgotten wilderness in our times today, Lihla’s music gives space for memory and connection. Her performances create immersive and hallucinatory aural spaces where audiences can transcend their reality and engage in transformative journeys. Blurring the lines between artist and listener, Lihla invites individuals to partake in a profound musical experience that allows us to remember who we were, or might have been. 

“42″ is a captivating  album that delves into the complexities of modern existence for the strange and the estranged. It is an immersive musical journey that invites listeners to reconnect with their innate sensuality and power. In a world increasingly detached from our natural essence, this album explores the realms of intuition and deep-rooted knowledge, bridging the gap between modernity and our forgotten wilderness and ancestral memory. This album is a testament to the power and significance of femininity. Lihla, weaves a tapestry of diverse voices to embody the multifaceted essence of femininity. Through operatic crescendos, sensual whispers, enchanting storytelling, and echoes of wailing mountain voices, the album unravels the depths of the feminine experience, both contemporary and timeless. The electronic soundscapes create an every present bed of auditory hallucination, allowing resonant doorways to mystery and dimension. Brooding basses ground the ethereal melodies, whilst being disrupted by waves of disruptive percussiveness, creating an atmospheric tension that mirrors the challenges faced by modern day nymphs. The layers of female voices intertwine, giving voice to the unspoken stories and unfulfilled desires of the feminine spirit. These voices are not merely individual expressions; they carry the weight of generations, echoing the ancestral wisdom held within each of us.