Produced work



Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to work with a couple of very talented producers and composers.

These are some of the tracks we’ve created together – no doubt there will be much more to come from and with  these talented musicians.

Jacob Cartwright

A soul-clenching clarinetist, sensitive composer and sexy beat maker.

Bim Bup

Production/composition: Jacob Cartwright
Cello and bowed guitar: Lih Qun

Maria’s Piano

Piano/Production: Jacob Cartwright
Cello : Lih Qun


Composition: Jacob Cartwright and Guy Dowsett
Piano/guitars: Guy Dowsett
Cello: Lih Qun

Wisdom and Rebirth

Clarinet: Jacob Cartwright
Cello: Lih Qun


Berlin electro producer icon from the cult Bar 25, co-musiker of Dummy the Show. We’ve created and are still creating one hell of a live soundtrack for this show.

Here are some of the early sketches

Follow the Fairy Whale

Black Dust

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