“Null” EP

Null, from the German word meaning emptiness, features Lihla’s use of piano, vocal textures, cello and soundscapes to create a cinematic audio world of magical realism. It is an ode to her neoclassical roots. She pulls her influences from Laurie Ander- son, Olarfur Arnalds, Björk, and Nils Frahm for the EP, and creates thoughtful sonic worlds to tell her melodic stories.

Lihla is a classically-trained cellist and pianist of over 30 years and a composer for 10 years, who explores classical cross-over by combining intricately shifting textures, cinematic orchestration with electronic beats and soundscape. The EP features five of her favourite pieces from previously unreleased contemporary circus and dance theatre soundtracks. This is her third studio project.