Costume Folio

Costume and Wearable art

New Costumes for GOP Variete show “Dummy”


Photos by Robert Pater



Year of Completion: 2006

Medium: fabric – hand pleated, dyed and painted, metal strapping, acylic resin

Size:  175 cm x 180cm x 60cm

Anterior is a wearable art piece that explores the beauty of the human anatomy. The intricate beauty of the human is often mistaken as grotesque, even when it’s amazing intricate workings are what makes us, us. As an artist that dresses and portrays the body, I feel an intimate knowledge of the mechanics of what we are working with is important and fascinating.  I used a traditional Japanese technique of pleating called shibori to sculpt each piece of muscle and each layer is an anatomical representation of a layer of muscle.

Love Escher

2004, Hand painted corsetry




Photos by Gerri Far


Hand stencilled

Created for Brian Opedal (Juggling: Free your Mind)

Hand dye pasted


Unenlightened and Alone

James Kingsford-Smith

created in 2009 for Unenlighted and Alone


National Institute of Circus Arts, Australia

Chinese Poles,  2004

Hoop diving,  2004


Tall Ships

Commonwealth Games

Harness Corsetry, art finishing

Period garment construction, millinery, 2003


Airbrush and Shoe building

X-board Clown Shoes

Moulded leather, airbrushed


airbrushed Gigue and Pointe versions

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