The BOB Collective

The BOB Collective is a group of incredible artists who have worked with larger international companies. Our projects are think-tanks for exploring avenues of professional and creative development which are not possible during full time employment.  The collective aims to engage in cross-cultural exchange in order to inspire a richer sense of artistic sharing and interaction in the wider community.



2012 Potsdam Fabrik Work-In-Progress

In August, three of the five members of the Bob Collective  presented an accumulation of research, a “teaser” for the future show at the Potsdam Fabrik.

Alessandro Di Sazio                 Lih Qun Wong                  James Kingsford-Smith          



Here is the simple story of a life;

possibly anyone’s life;

Bob’s life.


 Each of the members of the Collective portrays and embodies Bob.

Facets and glimpses of Bob’s story emerge through their depictions.


The stages of his life are abstracted and created in the surreal space within and between dance, animation, physical theatre, and live music. The use of non-traditional narrative techniques blurs the lines between artistic mediums, performer identity and time.



It is through the humble everyday and pivotal moments of wonder, that the audience begins to see their own stories reflected in his.



The Bob Collective:

James Kingsford-Smith, Lih Qun Wong,

Alex Mizzen, Alessandro Di Sazio,

Jacob Cartwright

Musical composition:                     Lih Qun Wong, Jacob Cartwright, Alessandro Di Sazio

Concept/Artistic direction:           The Bob Collective
Production:                           The Bob Collective

Jacob Cartwright Clarinet, production, composition, visual arts


Nicolas Fayol dance, physical movement

James Kingsford-Smith aerials, acrobatics, physical movement

Alex Mizzen aerials, dance, acrobatics

Lih Qun Wong                                          Cello, co-writing, visual arts

Alessandro Di Sazio                          Dance, saxophone, drums

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