in search of light

In Search of Light

Deeply moving yet awkwardly questioning.

Gripping short stories, told expertly through jaw-dropping acrobatics, visually stunning projected illustration and mesmerising, live music. In Search of Light explores the common experience of being alone in a very uncommon way –  uniquely aesthetic, exceptionally acrobatic yet shamefully human.
This piece is performed by two former Cirque du Soleil artists and founding members of the BOB Collective.

James Kingsford-Smith is an internationally successful aerialist and acrobat who amalgamates old and new circus, taking it into realms of theatre, comedy and contemporary dance. Lih Qun Wong brings classically-trained cello and graphic illustration boldly onto the live stage. Lih uses live looped sampling to create a one-woman orchestra and live projected visual arts to craft wonderfully peculiar fantasies of sadness and of joy.

This collection of intimate, short stories moves through an array of situational and emotive states of ‘aloneness’, taking the audience on a journey that is both beautiful and disturbing.

**** “very alluring, and you feel you’re in the presence of real talent” Adelaide Advertiser 
**** ‘A moving and brutally truthful performance’. Express Media Buzzcuts




In Search of Light Promo Video


<p><a href=”″>In Search of Light</a> from <a href=”″>The BOB Collective</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>



“Benabio”  from In Search of Light

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