2012 Creative development for “Bob”

After a creative research period from June -August 2012, three of the five members of the Bob Collective will present an accumulation of research, a “teaser” for the future show. They will feature as Artists-in-Residence at the Potsdam Fabrik.


Open Studio:                         

11th August at 14:30

12th August at 18:00



 Fabrik Potsdam

Main Stage

Schiffbauergasse 10

D-14467 Potsdam

Further information:

Alessandro Di Sazio:                       Dance, music

Lih Qun Wong:                                  Music, visual arts/animation

James Kingsford-Smith:               Acrobatics, physical theatre

Musical composition:                  Lih Qun Wong, Jacob Cartwright,
Alessandro Di Sazio

Concept/Artistic direction:    The Bob Collective

Production:                                         The Bob Collective

Here is the simple story of a life; possibly anyone’s life; Bob’s life.

Each of the members of the Collective portrays and embodies Bob. Facets and glimpses of Bob’s persona and his story emerge with their depictions of him through their respective artistic disciplines.

The stages of his life are abstracted and created in the surreal space within and between dance, animation, physical theatre, and live music. The use of non-traditional narrative techniques blurs the lines between artistic mediums, performer identity and time.

It is through the humble everyday and pivotal moments of wonder, that the audience begins to see their own stories reflected in his.

2010 Creative development Berlin

With the support of Base-Berlin and Potsdam Fabrik, the BOB Collective engaged in an intensive 2 month residency of research and development. The resulting 50 minute showing debuted at Potsdam fabrik to a small invited audience.

“Lines” is a cross-disciplinary piece of research which explores how physical, musical and visual languages can be used to reach states of absolute connection with each other and our audiences.

“Lines” is an innovative collaboration of acrobatics, live music, performance-based visual arts and dance.


Footage from this work-in-progress can be viewed at these links

Ableton in the Dark
Shaking straps and trio
Face and Tissu
Moving Image and group painting

For more information on who and what Bob is

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